Client List

Film, TV Productions, and Editorial

Travel Channel (Pilot: Origins of Fear), High Noon Entertainment (TV series Undercover Von (Miller) 2017/2018) , MTV (MTV Cribs: Von Miller 2017), Awesomeness TV 2017, DIY Network (TV Series Holmes: Buy It Right 2016), Amazon Prime (The Marijuana Show seasons 1-3 2014-2017), Broadcast Comedy Central (TV Series Road to Roast Battle Season 2 2016) , NFL Game Day Live (TV Series 2016), CNBC’s Squawk Alley (TV Series Election Day Coverage 2016), SyFy Channel (TV Series Paranormal Witness Season 5 2016), VH1 (TV Series 14 Days to Love 2017) , Investigation Discovery (Homicide Hunter), NatGeo (Documentary Generation X 2016), The Golf Channel (TV Series Feherty 2014), FreeSpeech TV (TV Series Marijuana Minute, Occupy the Media, Marijuana Straight Talk 2013-2016), Vogue Magazine/NFL (NFL Game Day Live 2016) , Pure Barre National (Marketing and Ad Campaign 2016), Piecework Magazine (Editorial Shoot Spring Issue 2016), Texas Zombie Wars Dallas (Feature Film AK Waters/Blue Wolf Films), TZW2 Hellfire (Feature Film AK Waters/Blue Wolf Films 2017), Texas Zombie Wars El Paso (Feature AK Waters/Blue Wolf Films), Zulu Six (Feature Film AK Waters/Blue Wolf Films 2014), Rolling Stone Magazine (On-Line Editorial 2016), ELLE Magazine (Editorial Shoot Sept 2016), 5280 Magazine (Editorial Shoot 2015), NBC Sports, NBC, CNBC, Fox News, CNN

Celebrities, Personalities and Professional Athletes

Boris Lee Krutonog (The Americans, Hunt For Red October, Star Trek VI), Steve Mazan (Emmy Award Winning Comedian and Writer), Von Miller (Denver Broncos/Personality), Shane Ray (Denver Broncos), Tony Jerod-Eddie (San Francisco 49ers), Mikalea Shiffrin (Gold Medal Olympic Skier), Lindsay Vonn (Gold Medal Olympic Skier and Model), American Vinyl (Musician/Band), Rocsi Diaz (Actress/Host), Erik Johnson (NHL Colorado Avalanche #6), Jeff Ross (Comedian), Widespread Panic (Musician/Band), Danny Warsnop (Musician/Band), Kayla Tausche (Anchor, CNBC’s Squawk Alley) , Mike Holmes (HGTV/DIY Network host), Kayvon Webster (Denver Broncos), Brandon Marshall (Denver Broncos), Peyton Manning (NFL), Captain Scott Kelly (Astronaut), Brooklyn Decker (Actress/Model), Johhny 5 (Lead Singer of Flobots), Dt Joe Kenda (Homicide Hunter), Dave Duvall (Professional Golfer), David Feherty (Host Golf Channel)


Arm and Hammer (National) 2017, LexPharma (National) 2017, Reebok Crossfit (National) 2017, Ascent Protein (National) 2017, INVISALIGN (National) 2017, California Grape Commission (National) 2017, Toyota (National) 2017, AT&T (Regional) 2017, Ford Motor (National) 2017, Arm and Hammer (National) 2017, Rosetta Stone (National) 2017, Mercedes Benz (National) 2017, City of Aurora (Regional) 2017, Wendy’s (National) 2016, Denver Broncos (National) 2016, , Roman+Jules (National) 2014-2017, Brand USA/ESPN (National) 2016, Transitions Lenses (National) 2015-2017, Flonase (National) 2015, Performance Health (National) 2015, Microsoft (National) 2014, NFL (National) 2014

Live Events

LSAS Global Forum Denver 2018, Comic Con Denver 2017 (Catherine Tate Personal), DreamHack 2017 Denver (Halo Live Broadcast), Widespread Panic Halloween Show 2016 (Live Music Event), , Global Business Travelers Association(GBTA) Convention (Filmed Live Event) 2016, American Dental Association Conference (Filmed Live Event) 2016, Essilor National Conference (Filmed Live Event) 2016, KLOVE Christmas Tour (Live Music Event) 2015, Southwest Cannabis Conference and Expo (Filmed Live Event) 2015, H&M Makeup Line Launch (Celebrity Makeup Artist for Live Event) 2014, The Samples (Live Music Event) 2014, 31 Days of Gifts (Live Televised National Sales Conference) 2014, Barb Wade (Filmed Live Event/Motivational Speaker) 2013


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